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All our Foodadz packs are chock-full of quality items including:

• a linen-like disposable 16″x16″ napkin in chocolate brown (all the better to hide spills!)
• high quality, durable cutlery (it’s been steak-tested!)
• brain candy and belly laughter (we’ve got 100 trivia and jokes that will keep the conversation going)
• self-contained, attractive packaging (no more sneezing over the cutlery caddy in the buffet line!)

classic packs

Each Foodadz Classic Pack includes a linen-like disposable 16″x16″ napkin, high-quality (dishwasher safe!) silver plastic cutlery, and two ah-has and ha-has. Classic Packs come is sets of 25, 50 and 100. Shop now.

Picnic Packs

Each Foodadz Picnic Pack includes a linen-like disposable 16″x16″ napkin, high-quality compostable wooden cutlery, salt and pepper, a wet-wipe and two ah-has and ha-has. Picnic Packs come in sets of 25, 50 and 100. Shop now.

Foodadz gets personal!

Foodadz conversation starters are super fun for all ages, and that’s a fact. But maybe you’re looking for something a little more… personal? You know, trivia and riddles that are detailed for the occasion or tailored to the star of the event.


Well hold the phone! We’ve got just what you’re looking for, lovely.

introducing Sin•cere•ly Yours from Foodadz

How much fun would it be to celebrate your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary with a set of conversation starters custom-printed for your peeps? Or how about stocking your next grad party with Foodadz filled with trivia about your senior? Birthday parties, sports banquets, backyard barbeques, baby showers, company get togethers, family reunions, wedding showers…

…with Sin•cere•ly Yours, the possibilities to make it personal are practically endless! You add the custom touch with your tailored trivia, inside jokes and riddles. It’s twice the fun with absolutely none of the work! We do it all for you. Just the way you like it! Click here to learn more.

Please note: All Foodadz products are non-returnable. That means they ship with a one-way ticket. No refunds, no exchanges, no returns.

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