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Sin•cere•ly Yours Custom Conversation Starters

Not sure where to start gathering your 25-50 bits of event-related trivia? No worries, we have some cues to get you through! Think of your guest of honor(s) or special occasion and apply these prompts:

who?  /  what?  /  where?  /  when?  /  why?  /  how?  /  firsts?  /  embarrassing moments?  / goals?  /  favorites?

For example, say you’re customizing your Foodadz for a friend’s wedding shower. You might include trivia such as: “Where did Ellen and John first kiss?” or “Why did John think Ellen would never agree to a second date?” or “What is Ellen’s something blue?”.

You might be having a birthday party for your son. You could include trivia such as “How many times has Griffin broken a bone?” or “What is Griffin’s favorite dessert?” or “What three words rhyme with Griffin?”.

Get the picture? We guarantee you that once you get rolling you’ll be done before you know it!

A few tips:

  • If you’re ordering 25 packs, we need 25 individual pieces of trivia. That means you fill out fields 1-25, then scroll to the bottom of the page, confirm your email address, and hit submit.
  • If you’re ordering 50 or 100 packs, we need 50 individual pieces of trivia. So you’ll need to fill out fields 1-50, confirm your email address, and hit submit.
  • To move easily from one field to the next, just hit the tab key on your keyboard after you’ve filled out the field.
  • Remember, we don’t need your answers… just your questions!

Ready? Let’s go!

If you've ordered more than 25 packs... you can keep going!

More trivia = more fun for your guests. But if you're tuckered out, we get it. You can stop here; just know there will be some conversation starter duplication in your Foodadz packs.

Double check your spelling, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm your email address and submit your form.

Almost there!

Phew! The hard work is done. Now take a minute to double-check your spelling, confirm your email address below, and then hit submit!

If everything goes as planned, you'll get a well-deservered success message. Then look out for an email from us with your PDF proof within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).