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It’s quite simple…dohickeys, gizmos, doodads…tools for food.

foodadz tools for food

You could call them cutlery packs but when you put this amount of quality (we’re talking linen-like napkins), style (let’s face it, it’s all about the packaging) and fun (wait until you see the ah-has and ha-has) a simple name or label just won’t do.

They are the ultimate in pack-and-go convenience, all wrapped up with style.

Standing in line at the buffet behind a fellow who’s coughed a few too many times for comfort? Bet you wish the hostess had some Foodadz! Scarfing a last minute yogurt in the car before your kids’ playdate? Shoulda had a Foodadz! Looking for something… anything… with which to eat that yummy fruit salad that just can’t wait ’til you get home? Shoulda had a Foodadz! We like to say don’t plan your party OR leave home without ‘em!

foodadz tools for food

Foodadz come in classic and picnic packs. And just like with our kids, we don’t play favorites.

Classic Packs are our take on the, well, classic cutlery set. A high-quality, steak-tested plastic fork, knife and spoon, all wrapped up in a linen-like napkin. Our Picnic Packs will have you ready for slightly more adventurous eating. You’ll get some super-sturdy, compostable wooden cutlery, along with salt, pepper and a wet-nap. Oh, and because brain candy and belly laughter make life a little brighter, we’ve thrown a few all-ages jokes and trivia questions into every pack. It’s our way to help you get the conversation started!

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